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Fault Phenomenon & Solution

When faults appear, in order to determine it, according to the followings:
1 .Pull off foot switch or other remote control switch .Using the start/stop button in panel; start / stop button just click on then to bounce, not been pressed. 
2 If it is time control device with the 'manual / automatic', option on the 'Manual' position; 
3 Let current adjusting knob to the minimum position; 

The followings are normal situation, not a fault 
1. This device being maximum current and load weight, the current will drop. More current decline, with the temperature for workpiece increasing, lighter load, the current will slowly rise. 
2. Panel shows the value of the oscillating current of the same equipment as the power is only the size of the representation, different devices will be a slight deviation of the current show.



No power supply indication

No input power supply

Check if the input power supply and down-lead are open or not

Control fuse breaks off

Replace 1A fuse

Air switch or panel switch breaks down


Other faults

Contact the manufacturer

No heating after start and the actual working current indicates "0"

Start failure

Adjust electric current small to start again, if fails, contact the manufacturer

Start button or Stop button breaks down

Replace button

Heat stops suddenly when start

Induction coil is short circuit

Remove short circuit between two circles of induction coil or between induction coil and workpiece

Induction coil and workpiece do not match

Increase the inside diameter of the induction coil or lessen the number of turns

Alarm when working        Stop working of the machine

Overpressure indicator lamp  lights

Too high of the input voltage

shut down to deal with the voltage of the electric network or adjust the little blue potentiometer on the main board

Water-lack indicator lamp  lights

Too small of the water flow or water pressure

Shut down to solve the water way problems

Pressure range increases

Adjust the pressure range

pressure controller breaks down


Overheat indicator lamp  lights

Too high of the cooling water temperature

The cooling water temperature should not be higher 35℃

Pipeline blocked

Rinse the pipeline

Too hot of the transformer and the IGBT

Stop heating but without stopping the water and power supply. Heat with small power when the cool down.

Temperature control switch breaks down


Overcurrent indicator lamp  lights

There is interference signal
Workpiece touches induction coil
Too high of the temperature
Induction coils touch each other
Induction coil and workpiece do not match

Shut down and make sure if the workpiece touches the induction coil and check the water way. Use small power to try. Contact the manufacturer if still fails to work.

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