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Automatic Saw Blade Brazing Machine
Technical Parameters:
Diameter of saw blade: Φ100 -  Φ800mm
Diameter of saw blade inner bore : Φ12 -  Φ50mm(can be customized)
The max. welding speed:5s/segment
Length of alloy:3.0 - 13.0mm 
Width of alloy:1.5 - 7.5mm
Thickness of alloy:>1.5mm
Working voltage:single phase 220V 50HZ
Power :6.5KW
High frequency generator:6KW
Solder: soldering wire (the length can be adjustable, accuracy is 1mm )
Dimensions: length 1450mm * width 1050mm * height 1650mm

Main Feature:
Automatic for tooth choosing, feeding and centring in brazing process
Accuracy of centring is 0.01mm, firm welding, stable quality.
New type feeding system with rotary disk
Top non-contact temperature measurement equipment, which can realize precise control.
Automatic temperature control, can adjust the annealing process precisely, all kinds of special brazing can be met
Word widely brand electric components to ensure work continuously for 24 hours.
English operation interface, easy to learn and use, can be designed according to customers’ requirements.

Working Theory:
Rotary disk feeding system, selection alloy with Panasonic optical sensor, then feed clip pick up the alloy to dispensing. In the next step, Panasonic optical sensor do a second check when the alloy transfer from feed clip to main clip. At the same time, main clip move to the welding point. High frequency induction heating machine heat the alloy to a setting temperature and keep the temperature, quantitative send solder as well. Then stop heating and be removed to annealing point to heat one more time. After annealing, the welding is completed. Repeat the above operation to finish the whole saw blade, drop out whole saw blade automatically.
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