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No matter what shape, size, or style induction coil you need, we can help you! Here are just a few of the hundreds of coil designs we have worked with. Pancake coils, helical coils, concentrator coils...Square, round and rectangular tubing...Single-turn, five-turn, twelve-turn...Under 0.10" ID to over 5' ID...For internal or external heating. Whatever your requirements, send us your drawings and specifications for a prompt quotation. If you're new to induction heating, send us your parts for a free evaluation.


Induction heating:

1) The coil should be coupled to the part as closely as feasible for maximum energy transfer. It is desirable that the largest possible number of magnetic flux lines intersect the workpiece at the area to be heated. The denser the flux at this point, the higher will be the current generated in the part.


2) The greatest number of flux lines in a solenoid coil are toward the center of the coil. The flux lines are concentrated
Inside the coil, providing the maximum heating rate there.

3) Because the flux is most concentrated close to the coil turns themselves and decreases farther from them, the geometric center of the coil is a weak flux path.

Thus, if a part were to be placed off center in a coil, the area closer to the coil turns would intersect a greater number of flux lines and would therefore be heated at a higher rate, whereas the area of the Part with less coupling would be heated at a lower rate; The resulting pattern is shown schematically in Fig.

2. This effect is more pronounced in high-frequency induction heating.

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