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High Frequency Melting Furnace
1. Main parts of the melting furnace system:
  1.  High Frequency induction heating power
  2.  Inductin melting furnace
2. Main characteristics:
1. Adopting MOSFGT and IGBT inverting device, tracking frequency automatically
2. High frequency, heated quickly, its power consumption is only 20%~30% of electronic tube induction heating machine and other heating style.
3. Security and reliability, the equipments have the secure voltage and it's secure to operate
4. Manual, automatic regulating automatically, it can protect itself from over voltage, over current, lack of water, phase fail, over hot, etc
5. It has no open-fire, noise and pollution, be suit for the environmental protection and fire, improve the image of the company
6. Recommend usage: Welding, forging, hot cooperate, melting, quenching, annealing etc.

3. Technical Parameters:

Input power desire Single phase 220V,3 phase 380V for option
Power input 7kw,15kw
Melting capacity 1-5KG
Melting time for each cup 3-4.5mins,8-10mins
Oscillate frequency 30-80KHZ
Cooling Water desire >0.2MPa  2-6L/Min
Duty cycle 100% 40°C
Size(L*W*H) 390x410x460mm
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