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Tilting-type Melting Furnace (JLZ-45/70/90/110/160KW )
1.Main parts of the melting furnace system
        1.  M.F Induction Heating Power.
        2.  Tilting type Melting Furnace.
2. Characteristics of M.F Melting Furnace
  • Better Heating penetration and even temperature inside the melting metal.
  • M.F field force can stir the melting pool to achieve better melting quality.
  • Melting the Maximum quantity by the recommend machine according to above table the melting time is 50-60 minutes, the first melting when the furnace is cold ,and it will take about 20-30minutes for the later melting when the furnace is already hot.
  • Suitable for melting of steel, iron, cooper, bronze, gold, silver and aluminum, stannum, maqnesium, stainless steel.

Model JLZ-45KW JLZ-70KW JLZ-90KW JLZ-110KW JLZ-160KW
Input power desire 3 phase 380V
3 phase 380V
3 phase 380V
3 phase 380V
3 phase 380V
Oscillate power max 45KW 70KW 90KW 110KW 160KW
Max input current 70A 105A 135A 175A 240A
Oscillate frequency 1-20KHZ 1-20KHZ 1-20KHZ 1-20KHZ 0.5-10KHZ
Cooling water desire >0.3MPa  4L/Min >0.5MPa  6L/Min >0.5MPa  6L/Min >0.5MPa  6L/Min >0.5MPa  6L/Min
Duty cycle 100% 40°C 100% 40°C 100% 40°C 100% 40°C 100% 40°C
630*600*1500mm 630*600*1500mm 630*600*1500mm 650*600*1520mm 670*620*1600mm
Net weight 120kg 130kg 140kg 150kg 160kg
Cable length 2-6(Meters) 2-6(Meters) 2-6(Meters) 2-6(Meters) 2-6(Meters)

4.Machine models and maximum melting ability:(the first cool furnace:50-60mins,the second heated furnace:20-30mins)

Model Steel ,iron Copper, Gold , Silver Aluminum
JLZ-15 15KWMelting Furnace   10KG 3KG
JLZ -25 25KW Melting Furnace 5KG 20KG 6KG
JLZ -35 35KW Melting Furnace 10KG  30KG 10KG
JLZ -45 45KW Melting Furnace 18KG  50KG 20KG
JLZ -70 70KW Melting Furnace 25KG 100KG 30KG
JLZ -90 90KW Melting Furnace 40KG 120KG 40KG
JLZ -110 110KW Melting Furnace 50KG 150KG 50KG
JLZ -160 160KW Melting Furnace 100KG 250KG 100KG

5. Melting Crucible For Reference

6. Induction Heating Power

7. Furnace Making Steps

8. Furnace Appearance

9. Working Photo For Reference

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