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Electron Tube High Frequency Equipment

 High frequency induction heating equipment, mainly used for the surface heat treatment of steel and cast iron. This equipment is a high power tube oscillator, through which convert the 50 HZ power frequency current into 100-2000KHZ to form strong electromagnetic field in output induction coil. Due to the skin and proximity effect cause the workpiece surface area at high temperature in the electromagnetic field, under the action of coolant, the workpiece to achieve the purpose of surface heat treatment .
(1) A oscillator, a built-in pressure regulating control, tube generator, voltage regulator, control circuit and monitoring instrument, etc., quenching transformer installation on the right side outside of the cabinet.
(2) A transformer and a retainer, built-in r high voltage transformer, high voltage silicon bridge.
Widely used for surface or local heat treatment (heating, quenching, annealing, welding, etc.) in metal parts (such as gear, shaft, pin, chain wheel, valve tappet, rocker arm, rivets, knife cut, saw blades, hardware tools, diaphragm spring etc), especially adapted to shallow hardening and local welding which is popular with short heating time, high efficiency and easy control.
By cooperating with quenching equipment, it’s convenient for flow operation and automatic production.

  • Equipment inside installed pressure regulating device, voltage adjustment: 0-100%; Voltage stability with high precision (for the user to choose); Overload protection speed: 1/50 SEC. 
  • Adopts high voltage silicon bridge rectifier. This series of machine has long service life ,the load capacity is strong, can use in many occasions which solid-state devices can't replace.

Main Technical Parameters:



Model No Oscillation power
Oscillation circuit Oscillation frequency
Oscillation tube Depth of quenching
Max workpiece size(mm) Transformer capacity
Model NO quantity shaft plate
YFLG-GP5-C3 5 single 200-1500 FU-431S 1 0.3-1.0 20 30 7KVA 1300×1300×1800
YFLG-GP15-C3 15 single 200-1200 FU-431S 1 0.5-1.0 20 100 25KVA 1300×1300×1800
YFLG-GP30-C3 30 single 200-600 FU-431S 1 0.5-1.2 50 150 50KVA 1300×1300×1800
YFLG-GP60-C3 60 single 200-400 FU-911S 1 0.5-1.2 100 200 100KVA 2240×940×2000
YFLG-GP100-C3 100 single 200-400 FU-911S 1 0.5-1.2 150 400 180KVA 2240×940×2000
YFLG-GP150-C3 150 single 200-400 FD-934S 1 0.5-1.2 240 470 300KVA 2240×940×2000
YFLG-GP200-C3 200 single 200-400 FD-934S 1 0.5-1.2 300 500 380KVA 2800×1100×2000
YFLG-GP300-C3 300 single 200-400 FD-912S 1 0.5-1.5 450 600 560KVA 2800×1100×2000
YFLG-GP400-C3 400 single 200-400 FD-935S 1 0.5-1.5 550 800 700KVA 3200×1300×2000
YFLG-GP600-C3 600 single 200-400 FD-950S 1 0.5-2.0 700 1000 1000KVA 3400×1400×2200
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