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Home Railway Rivet Heating Machine
Railway Rivet Heating Machine
Main characteristics:
1. Compared with heating by gas, fuel and coal, it is environmental friendly, easy operation, good working condition, heating instantly and consistently with good quality and without oxide layer. 
2. Compared with SCR based medium frequency furnace or electrothermal furnace. It can save 10%-50% energy. Its’ size is smaller by 1/3 and weight is lighter by 1/5. 
3. Equipped with cooling system and jacking system, easy to install and use.

Model   Work power  Load rate Max. output power Fluctuating frequency 
JLM-30 3 phase 4 wires 100% 40KW 30-100KHZ
JLM-50 380V 50/60HZ 100% 50KW 30-100KHZ
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