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Bicycle Fork Welding Machine

Main Characteristics:

  • New technology: replace the traditional gas/flame welding and avoid it’s insecurity.
  • Heating faster: no need for preheating, the welding speed for up-fork is 8-12 seconds/pc. down-fork is 3-5 seconds/pc.
  • Economize on power energy: the thermal efficiency is more than 95%.Better energy-saving than other heating methods. Continious power consumption as follow: JL-300Q-25KW/H(degree).JL-600Q--35 KW/H(degree).Standby mode no power consumption.
  • Good effect: the oxide layer of heating part can be reduced to the lowest (almost no).Thus enhancing the accuracy of the workpiece and to ensure product quality.
  • Efficiently: With automatic setting feature, only one person to complete the operation, thereby reducing the process and operators, greatly enhance the productivity.
  • Easy operation: It is easy to learn installation and operation, just need few minutes. Don’t need special welding technology. So reducing staff salary.
  • Low cost: Compared to traditional welding technology, it saves more than 50% cost.

Technical Parameters:

Model Power Consumption
Input Voltage Welding Time The Pressure of Cooling Water Temperature
L-300Q 20-30 3 phase 4 wire
1-99s 0.2MPa <40°C
L-600Q 20-30 3 phase 4 wire
1-99s 0.3MPa <40°C

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