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Wrought Iron Induction Welding Machine

Brazing is a fusion and solidification process which refers to the use of magnetic field induction heating to make the temperature of metal materials junction reach the melting point of solder, or the temperature of metal material to reach between nonmetallic material. Its main features: good working conditions, high efficiency, good tightness and performance after brazing, simple operation and high safety, no pollution and high fire resistance.
1>     Any industry of add solder connection.
Such as : cutting tools (turning tool, milling cutter, woodworking tools, serrated blade, shoe material, diamond tool, deep hole drilling, drilling, etc), faucets, bathroom accessories, showers, coal drill, drill bit, terminal blocks, furniture fittings, refrigeration equipment, pad tube, heating plate, egg beater, lighting accessories, such as branch distributor, bicycle up and down the fork iron, copper pieces, aluminum, stainless steel brazing.
2>     Do not add solder connection.
Such as : computer radiator core and copper core, motor rotor and shaft, horn net preparetions, hanger hook, copier carbon brush melt, aluminum-plastic pipe, the compound preparetions kettle, tool shank cure, tableware curing rubber handle, battery pole ear forming, aluminum foil sealing, etc.
Model Selections:
Ultrahigh frequency, high frequency and medium frequency.

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