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Induction Quenching Equipment


The Vertical solid high-frequency quenching machine is one of the complete set induction heating equipments of our company.

It mainly applied processing axis class and the gear components, but also the plate class components and the peculiar part. It adjust the high/medium/ultrasonic frequency power source, using the spray coolant conditions, can meet factories' normal request. For the hydraulic pressure actuation, the electrical control semiautomatic machine, mainly used in quenching, annealing or the fire working procedure, it has manually, semi-automatic, and full-automatic function, simple operation and easily to learn.


Main Feature

1. Quenching time is short, parts of the HRC value can be adjusted.

2. The workpiece rotation set any speed of any interval to meet the coaxial diameters different.
3. Quenching range size accurately.
4. Part layer deep meet the technical requirements, similar to non-oxidative quenching (if required can also be quenched in the protective atmosphere).
5. Low quenching deformation.
6. Reproducible well in the process.
7. Easy to quench multiple local of workpiece.


Technical Parameter 

Total power 2kw Workpiece rotation speed range 0-200r/min
Max. workpiece length 500-1000mm Workpiece return speed 2-50mm/s
Max. diameter of quenching workpiece 300mm Machine tool weight 350kg
Max. workpiece weight 200kg Dimensions(LXWXH) 1100x650x1450/mm
The scope of the workpiece moving speed 2.50mm/s Cooling Method Spray/extract(optional)


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