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Gold/Silver Melting Furnace

Main characteristics:

  • JL-MFG Series is advanced melting equipment for gold, silver, copper, beryllium and other non ferrous metal melting.
  • Apply IGBT technology, big output power, stable high efficiency.
  • Quick temp rising, electricity saving, low melting cost with high cost efficiency;
  • Security and reliability, the equipments have the secure voltage and it's secure to operate.
  • Cabinet casing, compact design with small size and low weight, easy operation, simple and convenient maintenance.
  • Manual, automatic regulating automatically, it can protect itself from over voltage, over current, lack of water, phase fail, over heat etc
  • 100% full load, 24 hours continuous working.
  • Adjustable melting temp, digital display, good insulation
  • Melting equipment for gold, silver, copper and other non ferrous metal melting.
  • With various protection as over voltage protection, over current protection, insufficient water protection, over heating protection, safe and reliable. 

Technical Parameters:

Case Color: Orange, Blue
Melting Capacity: 1KG, 2KG, 2.5KG, 3KG, 4KG, 5KG, 5.5KG, 6KG, 8KG
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Warranty: 1 year
Melting Speed: 3-4.5mins

Model Capacity Voltage Phase Input Current Output Current Weight Size
JL-MFG-1 1KG 220/380V 1/3 14A 100-400A 80KG 610*590*1030mm
JL-MFG-2 2KG 220/380V 1/3 15A 100-400A 80KG 610*590*1030mm
JL-MFG-3 3KG 220/380V 3 18A 100-400A 80KG 610*590*1030mm
JL-M-FG-4 4KG 220/380V 3 20A 200-450A 80KG 610*590*1030mm
JL-MFG-5 5KG 380V 3 22A 200-500A 80KG 610*590*1030mm
JL-MFG-5.5 5.5KG 380V 3 24A 200-500A 80KG 610*590*1030mm
JL-MFG-6 6KG 380V 3 26A 200-550A 80KG 610*590*1030mm
JL-MFG-8 8KG 380V 3 28A 200-600A 80KG 610*590*1030mm


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