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1. How does induction heating equipment compare to other heating sources?

In addition to some of the points mentioned in the previous FAQ, induction heating is also a clean form of heating which does not emit unpleasant odor or heat. Because the current is induced directly into the part being heated, there is no radiant heating effect into a facilities ambient environment. The location of the desired heat zone can be defined to a specific area on a workpiece in order to achieve accurate and consistent results. Induction heating equipment is instantly on which means it requires no warm-up time as other conventional heating sources do. Induction heating systems are extremely energy efficient.

2. How can my process benefit from induction heating?

Induction heating can benefit your process in a number of ways. Induction heating is highly repetitive once initial adjustments are made to the power supply. Following this phase, part after part can be heated with identical results so long as the parts are introduced to the coil similarly each cycle. This can also lead to better material utilization and product yield. Induction heating can reduce or eliminate the need for skilled operators in application such as brazing and soldering. The ability of induction heating to heat all parts identically lends itself to automation of the process. Induction heating can also heat the part in a highly localized fashion, which can be extremely beneficial when it is desirable or necessary to limit the heat to only a certain region of the part.

3. Will induction heating increase my utility bills?

Not likely. Induction heating is a very effective, efficient means of heating. Most of our customers who are switching to induction for the first time see their utility bills go down.
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